Our Equipment

Here is the equipment we have available to use in our investigations should we need it.


We use 2 different types of emf detectors so we are able to verify our findings.

We use up to 16 DVR cameras with night vision depending on what we are investigating.

This is our Spirit Box which also lets us record what we hear from our sessions depending on the investigation.

This is our laser grid system of which we can use 2 different colors depending on the surroundings for the investigation.

We use 2 Digital Voice Recorders as well as Lapel Mics to record any sounds that we may not hear during the investigations.

We have an SLS Camera to see if we can detect entitys that are unseen by the naked eye if needed for an investigation.

We use a night vision capable camcorder to help record any entitys during an investigation

This little fellow is a great trigger prop using built in EMF detection. There is a theory that familiar objects will get more responses from spirits. That theory seems to work for us whenever we use a prop that is something any spirit many easily recognize.

Detects energy (EMF) changes and responds with lights in the arms and/or chest when spikes arise

We also use flashlights to test if there are any intelligent entitys as well as lapel mics for extra evp options.