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Meet the team

Founding Members

Founding Team members
Location: Wisconsin

      Howard Hazen                  Founder                Lead Investigator

Howard has been interested in the paranormal for more than 30 years ever since his parents home was haunted. Then in 2006, while on a trip to England with his wife, they visited Warwick Castle and he took some pictures there and 2 of them had what looks like Orbs in them. Then he founded Western Wisconsin Paranormal Investigations to try to help others with their paranormal activity's that may be influencing there homes or businesses. This service is done free of charge so that anyone may contact us for help.


Dave Bronkhorst   Investigator

Dave considers himself a skeptical beliver.He has always had an interest in the Paranormal. The  earliest experience he  can remember was 6 years old shortly after his godfather passed away. He remembers being confused because he knew he was gone, But he saw him walk down the stairs at his grandparents house. When Dave got down the stairs he saw him come out of one of the bedrooms and vanish. That experience left Dave with an open mind. For Dave the Paranormal isn't an "IF" it exsists but rather "HOW".


Steven Bronkhorst Investigator

Steven was little when he felt like there was a draw to the Paranormal. Often hearing voices and the occasional mist. He always felt some kind of attachment to the Paranormal. He would spend some of his free time researching the Paranormal and would listen to other people's experiences. His thoughts and beliefs truely changed when his family moved into a new house and started having his own experiences that he knew something was different. Now he wants to see where his experiences take him.


Becky Bronkhorst Investigator

Becky grew up experiencing paranormal her whole life. Anything from seeing apparitions to black shadows. She has always been into scary/paranormal  stuff but really started getting into it once she reached high school. Now that she is part of a paranormal group it's like a dream come true and she loves it!

More Team Members


      Tom Bronkhorst        Investigator

 Tom has always had an interest and belief in the existence of ghosts. As a child Tom read many books about haunted buildings and ghosts. While in high school, Tom had a friend who told him about an experience with a ghost, which only enhanced his belief. This belief and interest only increased while Tom lived in a house that was haunted. As Tom has moved forward, Tom has seen more ghosts and felt their presence. Because of this, Tom has wanted to become an investigator.


      Collin Sergot        Investigator

Collin has been interested in the paranormal since childhood, after having an experience where his Great uncle visited him after he passed away, he has been questioning what happens after death. He believes strongly in the paranormal but has a scientific and skeptical side wanting to find hard evidence of paranormal phenomenon and maybe what happens after death.

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