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Our Investigations

On this page you will find links to the evidence from every investigstion we can show you. Click the picture below to find the evidence.

Karsten Hotel
Kewaunee, WI
private location 2
 Somewhere, WI
private location 4
Private Residence, Somewhere, WI
Edinburgh Manor
Edinburgh Manor,
Flick home
The Flick House
357 1st. Ave W.
Clear Lake, WI
private location 1
 Somewhere, WI
Satterlee Clark House
Horicon Historical Society
Horicon, WI
private location 3
Celtic Acres
Bristol, WI
Downsville Museum
Downsville Museum
Downsville, WI
Antioch home

Antioch, Ill

25007 W Jersey Ave
Dodge County Museum
Dodge County Historical Museum Beaver Dam, WI
The Tower
Elkmound, WI
Mabel Tainter
The Mabel Tainter Community Theater Menomonie, WI
Bartholomew House
The Bartholomew House Richfield, MN
caddie home
Caddie Woodlawn House

International Investigations

warwick castle
Warwick Castle
England, UK
private location uk
Somewhere UK

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